Genealogy Research

Learning about your ancestors can sometimes be a challenge, but if your ancestors were from Henderson, New York we are here to help. We have a large collection of original records. If you are planning on visiting the area, please contact us to set up an appointment. If you are not able to make it to the museum you can print the form below for research request.

Our collection includes:

Cemetery Records for Bishop, Carpenter, Clark, Evergreen, Grow, North, Smithville, St. Cecilia’s, private family plots, Barlett’s Master list, and HHS reviews and surveys of our towns cemeteries.

Census Records for New England, New York State Counties, 1801 Survey, 1806 Survey, 1807-08 Survey, 1810 Federal Census and 1820 Federal Census.

Map Collection includes maps of area from 1816, 1836, 1955, 1864, 1888 & 1892.

1864 Map of Henderson, NY

Family Name Binders that include family histories, charts, obits, newspaper articles and other information collected over the years.

Jefferson County, NY Gazetteers & Histories of Jefferson County, NY. Includes Hamilton Child (1684-1890), Haddock (1793-1845), Durant & Peirce Published by Evert (1797-1878), Franklin B Hough (1854), and Landon-History of the North Country (1931).

Historic Town Records & Indexes include Court Cases, Oaths of Office, Pathmaster Reports, School Reports and Voting Lists.

Some of our bibles include family information.

We have tons of other available resources to aid in learning about the community and people of Henderson.