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The Little Book Series by Henderson Historical Society

Since 2006, the Society has published original writings and research papers about the local history, tradition, or culture of the Henderson area. Each Little Book written by a local author or society member has enriched our knowledge of this beautiful and historic land in which we or our ancestor-settler families lived. It is through the continuing efforts of the Henderson Historical Society and its authors/members that these publications continue to delight and expand our vision of Henderson today, yesterday and tomorrow! The order form can be printed below.

  1. 1814 – Battle of Big Sandy & the Carrying of the Cable (2014) from the files of the Belleville, NY, Union Academy (1895), the Jefferson County Historical Society (1895), and the Oswego County Historical Society (1949). $5.00
  2. A Bit of Henderson Harbor Guiding Recollections by Stan Hovey (2008) Life Member, Stan Hovey has created this masterpiece of his teen summers spend as an assistant to Henderson Harbor Guideboat Captain Ernie Burnett. Come along for a wonderful day’s ride of fishing and shore dinners. $5.00
  3. Brief History of Henderson, New York by past HHS President and current Town of Henderson Historian, Eric Anderson. (2009) Since moving to Henderson in the early 1990s, Eric has demonstrated with his unique and practical perception of Henderson through the age. This book is a great addition to history of the Township. $5.00
  4. Camping & Visiting on Stony Island by John A Stevens (2015) Recollections of great family times spent on Stony Island off the shore of Henderson, NY, Lake Ontario. $12.00
  5. Champlain’s Arrival on Henderson Shores, 1615 by Frank W Springsteen (2008) The 20 by 5-foot mural depicting Champlain landing on Henderson shore in 1615 was originally designed for the library of the former Henderson Central School by Henderson native and New York Stat muralist, Frank W Springsteen. During the 2006 Bicentennial of the Town of Henderson, the HHS was granted custodianship of the historical painting by the Belleville-Henderson Central School. This book includes a color photo of the mural and the descriptive talk Springsteen gave at the painting’s dedication in 1940. There is also a well written biography and photo of the artist. $5.00
  6. Dateline: Turn of the 20th Century by Richard Overton. (2009) This is a collection of articles written originally for the Jefferson County Journal. Written in Dick’s witty and insightful style, these reminiscences of “Household Hints” or “Christmas Past” carry the reader back into life at Robert’s Corner. $5.00
  7. From Church to Museum (2011) La Morte Burham’s history of the First Universalist Church of Henderson for the church’s Centennial in 1939; and the history of the Henderson Historical Society by Henderson Society member Arthur Rice. $5.00
  8. From Inside A Front Porch and At An Old Workbench by Stan Hovey (2010) In telling the story of life at the “Hovey House,” Stan captures the ambience of neighborhood and the wonder-filled days on Harborview Road. “At an old workbench” details the handing down of a family heirloom as a continuing family legacy of craftmanship and tradition. $5.00
  9. Glimpses of Henderson History by former HHS Recording Secretary, Norinne B. David. (2008) This has proven to be one of our popular books. In these short articles (which previously appeared in the Jefferson County Journal), Norinne shared her personal glimpses of such topics as The Underground Railroad, As I Remember Smithville and Ships and Shipwrecks. $5.00
  10. The Great Balloon Voyage of 1859, A Commemoration of the 150th Anniversary by HHS Board Members Fred Caswell and Elaine Scott. (2009) Explores the voyage of the Balloon Atlantic from St. Louis to Henderson, NY. $5.00
  11. Henderson Guys Up-Crickby Stan Hovey (2011) Like a 20th Century Huck Finn, Stan and his friends explore and adventure up the “Big Stony” creek to Henderson Pond. Come along for a memorable ride which will remain with the reader long after the final page! $5.00
  12. The Historic First Universalist Church of Henderson (2019) Published for the 2019 Bicentennial. Research from the original documents by Elaine J. Scott, with a brief history of the church society, and biographies of the first trustees, first pastor, building architect, the local builders, and the settler families who gave the Horwood stained-glass windows. $5.00
  13. The History & Evolution of the Henderson Harbor Guideboat, by R. Dewey Peters (2010) Life member, R. Dewey Peters has assembled this in depth dissertation on the evolution of boating in Henderson beginning with the French explorers in the 17th century and culminating with work and recreation boats hand crafted in Henderson in the 19th and 20th century. This book is a must for anyone interested in classic wooden boats. $10.00
  14. The Log Cabin: The Story of the Ray Cabin by past president and current town historian, Eric Anderson and Log Cabin Reconstructor, Richard LaCrosse. (2008) This documentary story records the incredible achievement to bring the 1820s log cabin from Ray’s Bay on the shore of Henderson to the maple grove beside the Henderson Historical Society. It is a tribute to the DeLavergne family, who gave the structure to the society. $5.00
  15. Offset Tales by Stan Hovey (2009) These wonderful “offset tales” are, to use Hovey’s words “a little bit of heaven on earth” short stories like, Swinging for fun, Poison Ivy and Cows to E-911! Stan has a flair with words which transcends everyday experiences into memorable life events! $5.00
  16. Special Rocks, Trees and Weather by Stan Hovey (2014) shares his personally memories that have provided a bit of foundation for his life. $5.00
  17. The Story of the Tyler Coverlet by The Granddaughter of Harry Tyler. (2008) The tells the history of Harry Tyler and the work with the development of what would become known as the Tyler Coverlet. $5.00
  18. Twin Elms Farm by Stan Hovey (2012) an endearing reminiscence of farm life on Snowshoe through three generations. $5.00

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