Peters-Stevens Historic Boats

In 2003 with the bequest of Dr. Lloyd and Alice Peters, along with their family, our society made a pledge to the Peters family to establish a Boat Annex. The project is named the “Peters-Stevens Boat Annex” as a tribute to those families for their donations and efforts to preserve the boating heritage of Henderson.

The Historic Boats building is located directly behind our main museum. It holds a collection of boats and displays featuring related nautical items. To see our collection stop inside our main museum entrance (inside the historic church) during regular season hours or give us a call to set up an appointment.

Our collection of historic boats include:

A Tyler built guide boat from early 1900s, 15 ft.
A guide boat built by Phil Land & Earl Howard in winter of 1931-32, 17 ft.
The Stevens 1880 ice boat & blades, about 15 ft. by 8 ft.
The Bassett rowboat, 15 ft.
The “Sharpie” rowboat, 12 ft.
22 foot Stevens made in-board engine guide boat.
1939 Kent Irwin 22 ft. guide boat with Chrysler engine.

If you are interested in making a donation to the “Peters-Stevens Boat Annex Donation Fund” please complete the form below and mail to Henderson Historical Society.

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