Peters-Stevens Historic Boats

In 2003 with the bequest of Dr. Lloyd and Alice Peters, along with their family, our society made a pledge to the Peters family to establish a Boat Annex. The project is named the “Peters-Stevens Boat Annex” as a tribute to those families for their donations and efforts to preserve the boating heritage of Henderson.


The signature boat of the early 20th century was the fishing guide boat. These were built by skilled craftsmen of the Henderson community, who were also farmers, carpenters, and fishermen. These seaworthy boats were build to withstand the rough waters of Lake Ontario and became well-renowned, as did their builders.

Our collection of historic boats include:

  • A Tyler built guide boat from early 1900s, 15 ft.
  • A guide boat built by Phil Land & Earl Howard in winter of 1931-32, 17ft.
  • The Stevens 1880 ice boat & blades, about 15 ft. by 8 ft.
  • The Bassett rowboat, 15 ft.
  • The “Sharpie’ rowboat, 12 ft.
  • 22 ft. Stevens made in-board engine guide boat
  • 1939 Kent Irwin 22 ft. guide boat with Chrysler engine


Since 1996, the Henderson Historical Society has occupied the former Universalist Church on Harbor View Road. We are open to the public mid-May through mid-October.

The Historical Society building is on County Road 72 in the village of Henderson. Henderson is situated near the eastern end of Lake Ontario in Jefferson County, New York, a short drive from Interstate 81, exit 41. Please contact us to set up an appointment to view our collection.


These antique boats are an integral part of the heritage of the Town of Henderson and Jefferson County, and the Historical Society is passionate about preserving these storied vessels. Your help is needed.

The Henderson Historical Society relies upon gifts to create new programs and to keep projects like the Peters-Stevens Boat Annex afloat! We appreciate any donation, of any amount, whether it be from:

  • Individual giving
  • Employer-matched funds & corporate donors
  • In Memoriam – gifts to honor a loved one
  • Gift donations – a thoughtful gesture for family & friends on any holiday or occasion

Please take a moment to support the Peters-Stevens Boat Annex today.

Your generosity will help us preserve these historic Henderson guide boats and other locally-built wooden vessels for generations to come. Thank you!