Universalist Church & Horwood Windows

“In Memory of Washington Bullard and family”

In 1819, the Henderson First Universalist Church Society was formed by thirteen members.

In 1822, with Reverend Pitt Morse and nineteen members the church organization was “effected.”

On Septembers 18, 1838, the land for the Church was given by Jedediah & Betsey McCumber.

In 1839, Joseph Barnes became the architect of the church and it was built by: Hiram Harris, Peter Howard, Amasy E Lawrence, Asa R Sawyer, and Harry Tyler at a cost a of $2,200.

On December 25, 1839, the first service was conducted with a congregation of 150 members. The first Trustees of the church were: Roswell Davis, Amasa Hungerford, and John S Porter. [History of Jefferson County, NY by Hough]

The Horwood stained-glass windows were made in Ogdensburg, NY and installed in 1909 during a major church renovation project. Today the windows are now over 110 years old, but are in need of restoration efforts to preserve and maintain them. To help in our effort, please see below to make a donation.

“In Memory of Oscar B. Joiner & family”
“To the Memory of Eben O. Kilby and Family”
“In Memory of Hilda, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. C. C. Sawyer” and reads “And a little child shall lead them.”
“In Loving Memory of Florence Seaton Teerry 1858-1902”
“Elman Tyler 1829-1906, his wife, Chynthia Smith 1835-1896” This window also contains the signature of Harry Horwood, the maker.
“In Memory of T.O. and Martha Whitney, their descendants & family”
“O Come, let us Sing unto the Lord”